What is the “Uwekind profession”?

Every day at Uwekind we:

  • Share ideas as a team and plan together
  • We learn together with our students and share experiences and adventures not only at school, but also outside the classroom
  • We participate in international seminars and trainings, work on different projects
  • We communicate openly with parents and students and we give regular and objective feedback about the development and work of every child
Join our school community and work together with us to provide a world-class education to more than 500 students from different countries!

At Uwekind you will have the opportunity to grow professionally by obtaining international training from one of the biggest world education organizations – the International Baccalaureate.

At our school, you will be able to develop your individual potential and to exhibit your strong qualities in a creative and supportive working environment.

Join the Uwekind team!

“When I was small, I taught my dolls. My current students are much more fun and not as silent 🙂 I love children and working with them brings me a lot of pleasure. I am glad to be a part of their lives.”
Irina Morcheva

German Language Teacher

What is Uwekind for me?

The teacher here is a wilful person, a Master. I will present him as such: an active spirit and a skillful worker, constantly digging the soil, cleaning the paths of “what has been seen,” for everyone to look around in clarity and to breath in freshness, protecting himself (I’m thinking of J.D.Salinger) from the sprouts of impersonality and inertia. He knows that impersonality cannot create anything beautiful or lively. My soul is satisfied!

Izabela Pavlova

Bulgarian Language and Literature Teacher

» Available positions

  • Bulgarian language teacher
  • German language teacher

If you would like to become a member of the Uwekind team, make the first step by filling out the form:

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