Our Team

A letter from the founders

Welcome to the website of International School Uwekind! We hope that here you will be able to feel the spirit of our remarkable school community and find some useful information as well.

Our school has come a long way since it opened its doors for the first time in 1997. And up to this day, it is home to students and teachers that continuously evolve and look for new ways to challenge the conservative views of studying and teaching.

We have an incredible opportunity to educate and motivate future citizens and leaders. When young people act out of passion and curiosity, they develop not only their characters, but also their interest towards the world around them.

We believe that the key to success of a school is the personal approach to every student, the longing to develop a complete human being and discover their individual talents.

Our warmest greetings,

Our leaders

Stefka Martinova

Kindergarten vice-principal and teacher


Aglika Damaskova

Vice-principal for academic affairs and Middle Years Programme coordinator


Sofia Vaeadinova

Vice-principal for academic affairs in Primary school.


Nadezhda Nedelcheva

Vice-principal of administrative affairs


Desislava Ilieva

Vice-principal of administrative affairs and IB Diploma Programme coordinator


Ivan Iliev

Primary Years Programme coordinator


Our Team

More than 80 highly qualified educators work at Uwekind, ensuring a tolerant and supportive learning environment for our students.






Our teachers about Uwekind

Become a part of our Uwekind family and share with us an exciting experience!

“Years ago I heard from an incredible person and teacher that “Pipi needed a school”. Probably our school, where everyone can fit in. Because we take care of every single Uwekind, trying to provide them with the essentials for his personal development. Because we work hard to keep their curiosity going and to give them a chance to develop abilities and skills that will be more important to them later in life, rather than dry facts and memorised rules. Because we are never bored, but try new things instead, in the classroom and outside of it.”

Evelina Evlogieva

German Language Teacher

“Uwekind gave me an opportunity to really understand what it takes to be a teacher in the modern times. The colleagues, the atmosphere, the way we work and the projects we do together are a constant push for me to evolve, to search for and to find the right teaching methods. And the best thing is seeing how all of that motivates and inspires our students. For me Uwekind is a workplace that I attend with pleasure every day.”

Ivan Iliev

Bulgarian Language and Literature Teacher

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