For me, Uwekind isn’t just a school, but a community. Uwekind is a place, which gives you the opportunity to express yourself, challenging you to look for something new and to grow. Uwekind is the place, which taught me to ask bold questions and never stop looking for answers.
Yana Zaharieva

Grade 10 - 2018/2019

At Uwekind, all of us, students and teachers, learn together. For us, this collaboration and discovery of provocative themes and causes is important not only in class, but also in different clubs and projects.


Student clubs and workshops are places where Uwekinders of different ages and their mentors explore together common topics of interest.


Uwekind projects are activities, in which children can participate from all grades. They demonstrate our attitude towards world problems and our desire to contribute, so that the world can become a better place.

Uwekind CAMPS

The camp community of Uwekind grows every year with new enthusiasts. Camps are a time when children of different ages spend time together, outside their usual environment of communication and experiences. This way they learn to be more independent, start new friendships and get to know their teachers in a new light.

Our students participate enthusiastically in different clubs, workshops, sport competitions, art contests and science fairs. They demonstrate with pleasure their talents and skills in front of different audiences and in various ways.


Uwekind’s children grow as wholesome and balanced individuals not only through active learning, but also by doing different sports. Our school community supports the Uwekind teams in different sport competitions and events.


We know that every child is an artist and hence give the opportunity to every child to express their individuality through arts, developing their creativity with extra-curricular dance, music, visual and applied arts workshops.


The Uwekind family has celebrated holidays for more than 20 years now. In the atmosphere of reciprocity and care for every member of the community, we honour various traditions from different cultures.
To become life-long learners, our students grow in a secure and supportive learning environment. This is why following the rules and principles, established by our school community, is one of the most important conditions.

Health and security

A healthy lifestyle and learning environment are important conditions in the development of any child. We are ensuring that children are healthy and feel safe everyday, by organising various activities aimed at provoking their engagement.

Academic honesty

When we learn the importance of creating something, we also learn the importance of respecting the authorship of other people. A significant part of our work at school is to teach respect and be aware of the importance of our intellectual work and that of others.


Become a part of our Uwekind family and share with us an exciting scholarly adventure!

For most people, school is but a memory from childhood or teenage years, and the emotions associated with it are often unpleasant. When you graduate, you are left with a handful of friends, whom you see once every few weeks, months or years, nothing more. Uwekind is not a school that becomes a hazy memory. And you do not become a memory for it in return. Uwekind simply remains a little part of you.
Plamen Damaskov

Journalist, Nova Broadcasting Group

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