Uwekind’s mission is to inspire and to create thinking, responsible and balanced young people, who are dedicated to their passion for learning and inspired by the challenges of an ever-changing global world.


Every student has his or her own cultural experience, skills and interests, which we consider and include in the learning process. We create an environment where everyone can reach their best academic achievements, and encourage independent inquiry and critical thinking.


We cultivate risk-taking personalities that, when facing unfamiliar situations, will have the confidence and flexibility to take on different roles, to explore ideas and to develop new strategies.


Uwekind is a community, in which a well thought through cooperation and effective communication between students, parents and teachers are of the highest importance, so that every single student feels that he or she truly is a valuable community member and a citizen of the world.

Uwekind creates a supportive and tolerant learning environment and offers curricula that give all members of the community an opportunity to develop their potential and to express their individuality and pioneering spirit.

This environment is widely open to the values and traditions of different cultures and thus breeds an active attitude, understanding and respect towards others.


At Uwekind, we get to know every single child, taking care of his or her development and thinking about his or her future.
Our teachers are ambitious, open to new ideas and conscientious of our students’ successes.
At our school, we create appropriate conditions and environment for academic advancement.
At Uwekind, your child will be a member of a supportive and friendly school community.
We offer a variety of extracurricular activities and classes for additional preparation.
Our teachers apply innovative methods and continue to grow as professionals.
At Uwekind, students have the opportunity to obtain a world-class education and to be part of the global school community.
We encourage our students to develop their strengths and interests and we support them in exploring new ideas.
At Uwekind, we believe that an education has to also happen outside the classroom in order to have a connection with the real world.
We give our students a possibility to learn two foreign languages at a high level and the choice to pick from an array of various subjects.

To breathe with my soul – as it is sung in a folk song – that for me is Uwekind.

A child here is wilful (make a note of this word) person, meaning that every child has his or her own personality and is unique – just like the flowers under the sun. The thought of making them similar doesn’t even cross anybody’s mind. The school is a garden, where these flowers find the most favourable soil, light and humidity in order to grow. Because a person also needs the best conditions so as to blossom and develop his or her colour and aroma.”

Izabela Pavlova

Bulgarian Language and Literature Teacher

I LOVE being part of Uwekind. Over the past 20 years I have never even imagined of not being there. Because I love seeing the curiosity in my students’ eyes, the concern in my colleagues’ eyes, the transformation of a small (German-speaking) family into something significant, big and inspiring. I love the feeling of belonging to all of it. Ich bin ein Uwekind 🙂 Und du?
Evelina Evlogieva

German Language Teacher

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